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Emergency Registry Service

Dear Expat family in Mexico:
As a whole we are growing exponentially and thanks to advances in technology and to our professional

partners that serve the ELM brand, we continue to seek out new and innovative resources to enable you, our valued family to make the best decisions for the quality of life that you seek.


With that philosophy in mind, and entering into new life chapters and a new year, we urge you to take:

  • Necessary precautions as you continue your quest.

  • Keep in mind that emergencies, accidents, illness, and life happens. 

  • Please take the time to speak with your loved ones about your wishes in the event of an accident, illness or death.

By talking with your loved ones and planning ahead, together we can ensure that they will have access to you and your status should such an occasion arise.


To aid you in that regard, we at Expat Life Mexico are taking the lead in developing a registry solely as a point of contact for your family and loved ones at home or abroad, in the event that it becomes necessary. This

registry will be held strictly confidential and secure.